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Tchaikovsky’s Opera “Eugene Onegin”

Meet Eugene Onegin, a young Russian dandy bored with the banality of everyday life. On a trip to the countryside he encounters the spirited Tatyana, who falls in love with him but is heartlessly rejected. Years later he sees the error of his ways, though is soon brought to heel by fate.

Based on the Alexander Pushkin masterpiece of the same name, Eugene Onegin is an indictment of fashionable indifference and prejudice, as well as an invitation to look more closely at the people we encounter in life.

Eugene Onegin was the first opera presented by the Butler Opera Center after it was endowed by Dr. Ernest and Mrs. Sarah Butler in 2004.

Robert DeSimone, director
James Conlon, conductor on April 26
Kelly Kuo, conductor on April 28, May 3 & May 5